Not every Alzheimer’s patient wanders. If it does happen, it’s alarming. You don’t want your dad to get lost when wandering. With these tips, you reduce the risk of him wandering away from your home.


Keep Him Busy All Day

If your dad is worn out when bedtime arrives, he’s less likely to be awake in the middle of the night. Try to get him on a regular schedule. He should get up in the morning. Go through his morning routine of medications, shower/grooming, breakfast, and a walk.

Don’t let him take a nap after lunch. Go for another walk, engage in his favorite hobby, put on music and dance, or find something appealing that burns energy. After dinner, find games to play. Do whatever it takes to keep him awake until it’s bedtime.


Ask His Doctor About Medications

No one wants to turn to medications, but they can help. If you’re not sleeping at night because your dad is always up and trying to leave the house, you need to sleep. Sleeping aids can help.

If you don’t want to rely on medications, it’s important to hire an elderly care aide to cover the hours you are asleep. Don’t risk your health trying to do it all.


Place Locks in Unexpected Places

If you can’t keep him from napping in the afternoon, lock the doors in ways that make it hard for him to open them. A digital keypad lock will be hard for him to open. Placing a deadbolt at the top of the door or very close to the floor can also help.

Put in a locking arm that stops a patio door from sliding open. If you need to go out, you’ll be able to remove it. If he tries to leave, he won’t understand how to remove it and give up.


Install Alarms

Put in some door and window alarms. If they go off, you will be woken up abruptly, but you can stop him from walking off. There are also alarms you could put just on his bedroom door or at his bed if he gets up and tries to leave his room.

Elderly care aides are a good partner in helping you keep your dad safe. Caregivers can keep him active during the day, which lowers the chances of him taking too many naps during the day. With care services like socialization from elderly care aides, your dad is less likely to wander when you’re sleeping. Call to make the arrangements.


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